Sprinkler System Service Programs

Seasonally Scheduled Maintenance and Service:

4DS Landscaping we can customize a seasonal maintenance program specifically for your irrigation system’s needs. This can be as often as a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visit which includes checking your clock for proper watering times (dependent upon seasonal weather patterns and current conditions), proper head adjustments, breaks or malfunctions and checking your lawn and plant materials to make sure they are getting enough water and also make sure they aren’t getting too much water and wasting it.

Fall Shutdown/Blowout:

In the fall your system should be blown out (lines cleared of water) by a professional and experienced company. The fall is a critical time to be sure your lines are blown out completely and thoroughly to avoid winter ice breaks and seizing of your pipes and connections. Applying too much pressure with an improperly calibrated air compressor while blowing out the lines can also cause damage to your system. Not enough pressure and your system will not be winterized properly.