Stone Wall

Consider 4ds Landscaping to add uncommon distinction to your home or business. We will create a signature of grace and luxury for your property.

There are so many possibilities

Your sloping lawn can be terraced, the levels edged with a stone wall. Imagine a patio area higher than a play area, yet looking natural with a surrounding facement of stone

Stone wall construction around a pool can create a bar area overlooking all the fun

Topped with cushions, a stone wall establishes a seating area at the pool, the patio and on commercial property

A stone wall with a built-in coachlights makes a powerful entrance to your home or business driveway

Your shrubbery and trees can be surrounded with an elegant border of stone wall, completing your landscape design and protecting your greenery

Envision your patio surrounded by a stone wall that flows seamlessly into an outdoor fireplace

Give new life to plantings of flowers and bushes by offsetting them with stone

Stone wall construction at the property line is an attractive, friendly option to fencing

Fantastic Fieldstone

You have more design options than you might think if you choose Fieldstone for your project. You may love the classic rounded stones, of various shapes and colors, melded into a strong, rustic rock fence. But the beauty of natural, real stone is not limited to its original shapes. Mosaics, rounded rectangles, squares and ledge stones can be cut from Fieldstone, which can often be reclaimed from previous uses.

Pre-cast stonewall

Stone wall construction has become so fashionable, what’s called “cast stone” or “pre-cast stone wall” is also growing in popularity.

Manufacturers use a cement form, line it, and pour in concrete. Nowadays, the form is cast vertically, allowed a design to be imprinted on both sides of the wall. Often pre-cast is a more affordable option.

Manufactured pre-cast fencing offers outstanding durability, and has exceptional sound deadening properties. This is prompting developers to use it to set-off new subdivisions; it’s also popular with city and town governments for surrounding neighborhoods in an attractive stone wall. Homeowners have embraced its long lasting beauty.